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Barton County, Missouri Judicial Circuit 28

Barton County Speeding Ticket Lawyers
Barton County DUI / DWI Defense Lawyers

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This page contains Court information for Barton County, Missouri Judicial Circuit 28.

Barton County, Missouri Judicial Circuit 28

Barton County Courthouse
1007 Broadway
Lamar, Missouri 64759
(417)682-2444 (telephone)
(417)682-2960 (facsimile)

James R. Bickel, Presiding Circuit Judge
Vernon County Courthouse
Nevada, MO 64772
(417)667-5016 (telephone)
(417)448-2535 (facsimile)

Charles Curless, Associate Circuit Judge
Barton County Courthouse
1007 Broadway
Lamar, Missouri 64759
(417)682-2444 (telephone)
(417)682-2960 (facsimile)

General Information:
Circuit Clerk of Barton County
Jerry A. Moyer, Circuit Clerk
(417)682-2444 (telephone)
(417)682-2960 (facsimile)

Barton County became a consolidated court on May 1, 1996.
Questions about all case types should be directed to the Circuit Clerk's office.

Please see for information about court cases filed in Barton County. Civil Cases available on in Barton County begin on April 1, 1999. Criminal cases begin on July 1, 1994.

Facsimile Filing:
Any pleading or other document including an original filing may be filed by facsimile. Facsimile transmissions have the same effect as the filing of the original document. Original documents filed by facsimile shall be retained by the sender and not filed with the court. See Local Court Rule 4.7 for more information.

Filing Requirements:
When a Civil or Probate case is to be filed, in addition to the Petition and other pleadings, a court cost deposit and a Party Information Sheet are required. A Certificate of Dissolution form is required for Dissolution of Marriage cases. See Local Court Rules 4.9, 5, and 68.1 for more information. Contact the Clerks office for information about the correct the cost deposit amounts and to obtain copies of the Party Information Sheet and Certificate of Dissolution forms.

Continuances will be granted only for good cause shown, and only on written application, timely made, with notice to opposing counsel and the Court. Motions for continuance are not self-enforcing and will not be granted without appearance before the court, absent prior consent by opposing counsel. See Local Court Rule 34 for more information.

Access To Justice
Interpreter Services: If an individual has need of interpreter services to facilitate communication between themselves and the court staff or in a court proceeding, the court has help available to it to assist in communication. The Court can provide a certified interpreter for foreign language interpreting and translating in some court proceedings free of charge. The Court can also access a Language Line Service to provide immediate interpreter assistance via the telephone free of charge. The court has some Spanish language forms available for use. If an individual has need of interpreter services or forms, please contact the court staff immediately.
Assisted Listening Device: If an individual has a hearing impairment, the court has an Assisted Listening Device available for anyone to use free of charge. The device is available for use in the courtrooms of the circuit court. If an individual needs this assistance, contact the court staff prior to court.
Physical access to the court is a priority of the court. The court and county commission has taken action to make the facilities of the court A.D.A. accessible. The court is accessible by elevator located on the south side of the courthouse building next to the parking lot with designated handicap accessible parking spaces. Handicap accessible restrooms are located on the second floor of the courthouse.

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